What If?

To say that we are a blessed people is quite the understatement. I am sure that you would agree with me that not only do we have all that we need but we also have pretty much all that we want. How much more blessed can we be?


For those blessings, are we thankful? I mean truly thankful. We may say that we are thankful but are we being flippant or are we being sincere? God knows our heart. God knows our thoughts. God knows if we are truly thankful or not. When was the last time we paused just to thank God for those blessings?


Even though God could, but I don’t think He would, what if He took away any blessings that we didn’t thank Him for? Would He take anything away? If so, what would He take away? What would He take away first? Would it be our house? Would it be our Vehicle? Would it be __________________? You fill in the blank.


Don’t take for granted anything that God has given to you. Be grateful for every single person and for every single thing, no matter how small or large it may be.

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