Thank You, God

Thank you is a simple yet effective way to express one’s appreciation. If someone says a kind word to you, the proper reply back is with what two words? Thank you! Or if someone does something nice for you, the appropriate response is with the same two words. Thank you! How do we know this? Because we, at least most of us anyways, were raise to have good manners and to be courteous and respectful.


So, when God does something nice for us, whether it is by bestowing upon us the simplest blessings of life or by an answered prayer, why do we sometimes fail to tell Him, Thank you?


The Psalmist wrote in Psalms 50:14 that we are to “Offer unto God thanksgiving” and in Psalms 100:4 that we are to “Enter into his gates with thanksgiving”.


Plainly put, God rightfully deserves our thanksgiving. Not a single day should go by that God should not hear those three little but so important words from us: Thank you, God.

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